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Protect My Ride 360, a subsidiary of TDG, LLC, was started to expand our asset protection product line by enhancing necessary options to add to our existing vehicle immobilizer product "Ravelco". 

Our Story

Our family realized that under certain conditions, it is necessary to merge two of the best anti-theft devices on the market today.  Ravelco is the #1 vehicle anti-theft device that immobilizes your vehicle; however, an immobilizer cannot be used to protect items such as a trailer of any kind, boats, motorcycles, and certain equipment.   Adding that Ravelco is a superior product for Big Rigs and commercial vehicles when it comes to asset protection, it cannot support fleet operational efficiencies.  

Ravelco Midwest is a family-owned business that started by circumstance. Significant effort was made to research the best auto theft deterrent devices on the internet soon after the theft of our Ford F250 Diesel in 2021 by a team of auto thieves using a RFID Hack, knowing that some of the most popular car alarm systems do not stop a vehicle from being stolen.  Research led us to Ravelco.  What was so surprising was the fact that Ravelco being the #1 vehicle immobilizer in the country was relatively unknown in the entire Midwest.  Our research led to a fascinating product with its effectiveness and no defeats. What was not a part of our thinking was lost our losses not covered by the insurance company which included aftermarket add-ons.  Vowing not to be a victim again and seek something that would protect my future investment, Ravelco was the one and only choice for our family.  Realizing there was a huge gap in the Midwest market, we came together as a family and became Ravelco Midwest, the exclusive Distributor of Ravelco for the State of Missouri and Kansas.

At ProtectMyRide360, we believe no one should experience vehicle theft. With that belief in mind, we provide the Midwest with proven vehicle anti-theft devices that really work before your vehicle is stolen and enhance your level of protection using a multi-layered approach. 

Our Philisophy

Authorized Dealers

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