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  • What is the best GPS tracker for my trailer?
    The trailer gps tracker is the best option and our best seller. GPS and Track recovered millions in stolen trailers in 2020.
  • Are there monthly fees?
    No monthly fees. The GPS tracker for trailer comes with 3-years of service.
  • What is the battery life on the Trailer GPS Tracker?
    The trailer tracking unit has a battery life of around 5-years. That’s with 1 update per day.
  • How far does the Trailer Tracking unit locate?
    The Trailer Tracker has international coverage.
  • Can the Trailer Tracker track in real time?
    Yes. The trailer tracking device can be put into aggressive mode. This will wear down the battery but common in case of theft or recovery situations.
  • Does the GPS tracker have magnets?
    We offer magnets for free. Just ask and they will be included in your order.
  • After 2-years, how much are renewals?
    If you decide to renew, it’s only $45 per year for UNLIMITED tracking service.
  • Is this a good anti-theft device for my vehicle?
    GPS trackers are an excellent technology to protect & monitor your vehicle.
  • What happens if the battery is disconnected? Will it still track?
    The car trackers have an internal backup battery. It will send an alert if there is a sudden loss of power.
  • Can I get notified if my car leaves my property?
    Yes. There is a geo-fence technology with our GPS trackers. You can get an immediate alert through email or text.
  • How does it install?
    You have two options. We have a prewired OBDII unit that installs quickly. No wires and takes about 5 minutes. Most of our clients have the tracker installed inside the steering column. It’s a simple 2 wire hook up.
  • Am I able to access the platform or do I need to call the company?
    You have full access to the system and you can locate whenever you like.
  • Is there a limit of how often I can track the vehicle?
    It’s unlimited tracking!
  • Does the boat GPS tracker need a power source?
    No. The GPS tracker has its own lithium battery that will last up to 5-years. We also have GPS trackers that will hook to the battery if you prefer.
  • Where is the coverage of the boat tracker?
    US, Canada, and Mexico.
  • Are there monthly fees or contracts?
    No, there are no contracts for monthly fees. The device includes 3-years of service.
  • Can the GPS tracker be put into a real time tracking mode?
    Yes. The tracker can go into aggressive tracking mode if needed.
  • Is the boat tracking unit waterproof?
    Yes, and will handle all weather conditions.
  • How do I use the device?
    Our team will set up the account and send you the login information for both the mobile app and online platform.
  • Does the GPS Asset Tracker have monthly fees?
    There are no monthly fees on any of our GPS trackers. The asset tracker includes 3 years of service. After 3 years, it is only $45 annually to renew.
  • What is the life of the Asset Tracking Device?
    The Asset Tracker will last 5 years on 1 locate per day and 2 1/2 years with 2 updates per day.
  • Is this a waterproof GPS Tracker?
    Yes. This is waterproof and will handle all weather conditions
  • Does this GPS tracker have a Geo-Fence?
    Yes. The Tracking Device has a geo-fence and will send an alert if it leaves a predetermined zone.
  • Are there monthly fees for the fleet trackers?
    No Monthly Fee. There are never any monthly fees with our fleet tracking devices.
  • Is there a contract?
    No Contracts. There are no contracts with our fleet GPS trackers.
  • Does the Fleet GPS Tracker have reporting?
    Yes, our Fleet GPS Tracker System includes tailored reporting including Mileage Reports, Interstate Mileage Reports, Fleet GPS Geo-Fences, and Speed Alerts
  • Is it a real time GPS tracker?
    Yes. The fleet GPS trackers will track & monitor in real time. It shows every stop/start, routes, speeds, and you can watch it in real time.
  • How does it install?
    We have the OBDII unit that plugs right into the OBD port of the car. We also have a hardwired version. The price is the same.
  • Does it include a fleet tracking app?
    Yes. We send the fleet phone app once you set up the account.
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